Exotic Stingray Skin Men's Eye Belt for the Most Demanding People

Exotic Stingray Skin Men's Eye Belt for the Most Demanding People
Stingray Men's Belt made of Genuine Asian Shaved Stingray
    Exotic Stingray Skin Men's Eye Belt for the Most Demanding People
    Stingray Men's Belt made of Genuine Asian Shaved Stingray

    This Exotic Stingray Men's Belt is crafted from authentic Asian shaven stingray leather, featuring a distinctive stingray eye on the front loop. It boasts one of the finest exotic textures and finishes, making it a luxurious accessory.

    Available in widths of 40mm (1.57 inches) or 35mm (1.38 inches), the belt comes with a tapered-tip strap and offers optional premium hand stitching. Additionally, it is lined with natural calf shoulder leather treated through vegetable tanning.

    Key Points:

    • Genuine Stingray Leather: Crafted from authentic Asian shaven stingray, offering an exotic texture and finish.
    • Distinctive Eye Feature: Front loop showcases a unique stingray eye.
    • Customizable Options: Available in 40mm or 35mm width, with tapered-tip strap and featuring a natural calf shoulder lining through vegetable tanning.
    • Unparalleled Exotic Appeal: Sets a high standard with its exceptional exotic texture and finish, making it a top choice for luxury accessories.

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    Our collection of leather goods is exclusively crafted based on custom orders, meticulously tailored to your specific requirements.

    The indicated handcrafting time reflects the number of business days needed to create and dispatch your personalized bespoke leather item.

    Dimensions (cm)

    from 75CM to 150CM

    • Handcrafting time:10/12
    • Dimensions:from 75CM to 150CM
    • Gender:Man
    • Craftsmanship:100% Made in Italy
    • Leather Type:Stingray
    • Leather Color:Customer's Choice
    • Leather Tanning:Chrome-tanned with Vegetable Retanning
    • Belt Type:Single Side
    • Leather Finish:Glossy
    • Collection:Exotic Belts


    Exemplary Stingray Skin Eye Belt for Discerning Gentlemen

    Elevate your style with this exclusive men's eye belt crafted from exquisite stingray skin. Each belt is meticulously handmade, showcasing the unique and intricate surface of stingray leather. The circular protrusions, resulting from calcified scales, are carefully sanded and polished to create a smooth and luxurious texture.

    The vibrant dye penetrates the tiny crevices of the leather, accentuating its exceptional grain and highlighting the distinctive patterns of the stingray's hide. This belt features the captivating white diamond-shaped eye or crown at its center, adding an extra touch of sophistication to its already distinguished appearance.

    Crafted for those with discerning tastes, this belt exudes opulence and refinement. Its smoothness, suppleness, and exceptional durability make it a statement accessory for individuals who demand nothing but the best in quality and style.

    • Stingray color: From our premium selection
    • Belt width: 3.5CM or 4.0CM
    • Belt size: From 75CM to 150CM waist size
    • Security pocket: upon request, to protect personal documents
    • Complimentary embossing: Your personal monogram
    Stingray leather Men's Belt

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    Stingray Leather

    Stingray leather boasts an intricate surface characterized by minute, closely arranged circular protrusions. The dimensions of these bumps vary based on the creature's age and size, contributing to the distinctive nature of each leather panel handpicked by our skilled artisans.

    These small circles, originally calcified scales, undergo meticulous sanding and polishing processes. As a result, when dyed, the vibrant hues accentuate the recesses of these bumps, accentuating the leather's exceptional grain.

    An admired attribute of stingray skin is the prominent white diamond-shaped eye or crown at its center, enhancing its already distinctive appearance. Ultimately, its sleek, pliable texture coupled with these unique features culminate in a luxurious final product that radiates sophistication and elegance.

    Stingray Leather

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