Exotic Nubuck Alligator Slim Card Case: Limited Edition Credit Card Wallet

Nubuck Alligator Slim Card Case
Nubuck Alligator Credit Card Wallet
Nubuck Alligator Credit Card Holder Color of your choice
    Nubuck Alligator Slim Card Case
    Nubuck Alligator Credit Card Wallet
    Nubuck Alligator Credit Card Holder Color of your choice

    Elevate your style with our exquisite Nubuck Alligator Slim Card Case. Crafted with precision and showcasing an exotic allure, this limited edition wallet exudes sophistication.

    • Exotic Allure: Handcrafted with genuine Nubuck Alligator for a unique and distinguished appearance.
    • Slim & Functional: Designed for convenience and elegance, featuring options of 2, 4, or 6 card pockets and an upper main compartment for banknotes or receipts, ensuring organized storage without bulkiness.
    • Limited Edition: Each piece is exclusive, offering a rare blend of luxury and individuality.
    • Precision Craftsmanship: Meticulously made-to-order, ensuring impeccable quality and attention to detail.

    Experience the allure of the Nubuck Alligator Slim Card Case, a symbol of refined taste and exclusivity.

    Product Customization

    Choose Your
    Card Case Layout

    Pick the layout that suits your needs and reflects your style.

    Choose Your
    Alligator Color

    Select the perfect hue for your leather to complement your individuality and add a unique flair to your leather products.

    Choose Your
    Stitching Color

    Personalize your leather goods with 20+ edge stitching colors, reflecting your style and coordinating with your favorite accessories.

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    Card Case Layout
    • POCKET
    • SMALL
    • MEDIUM

    Our collection of leather goods is exclusively crafted based on custom orders, meticulously tailored to your specific requirements.

    The indicated handcrafting time reflects the number of business days needed to create and dispatch your personalized bespoke leather item.

    Dimensions (cm)

    6/8 (H) x 10 (W)

    • Handcrafting time:15/20
    • Dimensions:6/8 (H) x 10 (W)
    • Gender:Unisex
    • Craftsmanship:100% Made in Italy
    • Leather Origin:Mexico
    • Leather Type:Alligator
    • Leather Color:Customer's Choice
    • Leather Tanning:Chrome-tanned with Vegetable Retanning
    • Leather Finish:Nubuck
    • Wallet Type:Slim
    • Skin Part:Flank
    • Product Name:Crono


    Limited Edition Nubuk Alligator Slim Credit Card Case & ID Holder

    Indulge in sophistication with our exclusive Nubuk Alligator Slim Credit Card Case & ID Holder, meticulously crafted for connoisseurs of opulence and refinement.

    Exclusivity in Nubuk Alligator Skin

    Experience the allure of genuine Nubuk alligator skin, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship that epitomizes luxury and exclusivity.

    Sleek Design Meets Unmatched Functionality

    Embrace elegance with a slim and practical card holder, offering choices of 2, 4, or 6 credit card pockets and a spacious main compartment for essential items. Its sleek design effortlessly fits into any pocket or bag.

    Organized Essentials with Nubuk Alligator

    Effortlessly carry your credit cards, IDs, and more with dedicated slots and compartments, ensuring easy access to your essentials while maintaining a sophisticated appearance.

    Luxury Defined: Nubuk Alligator

    Elevate your style with this limited edition Nubuk alligator accessory, a definitive statement piece that combines sophistication, exclusivity, and functionality.

    Nubuk Alligator Credit Card Case
    INTERIOR ORGANIZATIONPocket HolderSmall HolderMedium Holder
    Ident #CRONO-35802CRONO-35804CRONO-35806
    Pocket HolderSmall HolderMemdium Holder
    Upper slot111
    C/Card Pockets2 ( 1 + 1 )4 ( 2 + 2 )6 ( 3 + 3 )
    Dimensions6.0CM (H) x 10CM (W)7.0CM (H) x 10CM (W)8.0CM (H) x 10CM (W)

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