Never leave your leather exposed to water, chemicals, and the elements, as they will discolor your leather items. The life of your leather good will also be dramatically shortened if it is not kept conditioned: if too dry, it will begin to crack and thefinish will fadeaswell.
Handle the leather often. The natural oils in your fingers and skin will naturally help to preserve it against moisture and dryness.

If your leather should become saturated with water, you should dry it off with a clean soft cloth. Presson the leather firmly with the cloth, do not wipe it. A light coating of mink oil will restore itsflexibility and help to purgeany remaining moisture. Allow it to dry naturally indoors, and besureto wipeoff any remaining mink oil excess.

DO NOT USE MINK OIL ON SUEDE LEATHER! If you storeyour leather product for moret han 3 months, rub in a light coating of Mink Oil (availableat any shoestore): it will keep it from drying.
A simple light application is all it takes to keep your leather goods safe and protected for avery long time. Only useit on the outside. The leather will absorb what it needsand “sweat out” the rest. Check it every month or so and wipe off the excess oil that the leather “sweats” out.


Matte finishes: a Leather Cleaner & Conditioner (Bick 4 or similar) is the product of choice for keeping your skins properly hydrated and providing water and stain resistant qualities. Mink Oil can also be used successfully but great care should be taken in its application to avoid stitching.

Classic and high-gloss finishes: wiping with a soft, clean cotton cloth regularly and a monthly or bi-monthly treatment of a Leather Cleaner and Conditioner, followed by a polishing with the samecolor polish or cream (Kiwi or Meltonian) isrecommended.


Python skins have large scaled areas on their skin sthat naturally lift slightly and this should not bem istaken for damage or dryness. Although very durable, over time they tend to dry out, flake and lift. Snake and lizard skins will last decades if properly cared for with a regular scheduled cleaning with a Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. It is critical that treatment applications be applied in the smooth direction, following the natural grain of the scales.

Always store your items in a protective, temperate place when not in use, (lightly stuffed with tissue if applicable) in your dust bag or box because dust is the main cause of dry skins!

Alligator Leather Care


Sterling silver is a precious metal and may require cleaning from time to time. Its beauty increases with use, which causes a patina or soft sheen to form. Using a small amount of silver cream or polish on a soft cloth, rub the piece of Silver several times. This will remove the tarnish and dullness, keeping it like new. Silver has enemies.
Rubber corrodes and severely affects silver. Raised designs can be lost permanently. Polishing silver while wearing rubber gloves promotes tarnish: choose plastic or cotton gloves instead.

Avoid using storage cabinets or chests with rubber seals, rubber floor coverings, rubber bands, etc. Store in treated paper or cloth, or plastic film.

Sterling Silver Leather Care
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