Protect Your Personal Information with RFID Leather's RFID Technology

An RFID-blocking wallet or cardholder is designed to protect you from Wi-Fi communications, particularly those found in most modern credit or debit cards. As long as your cards remain inside one of these special wallets, they cannot be scanned from any distance, safeguarding your information. All models below are in stock and ready for free delivery.

RFID Leather protects against unauthorized RF readers with a revolutionary multi-ply laminate containing a security barrier that provides powerful RFID shielding. More and more personal information is stored and transmitted via 13.56MHz contactless smart cards and EPC UHF Gen 2 ID cards. Identity thieves with RFID readers can easily access a wide range of valuable data. In an age where identity theft is a growing concern, safeguarding your sensitive data is paramount. RFID Leather offers advanced RFID protection for your wallets, card cases, and card holders. Our revolutionary multi-ply laminate incorporates a security barrier that shields against unauthorized RF readers.

Benefits of RFID Leather's RFID Protection:

  1. Defends against unauthorized scanning of personal data.
  2. Guards against identity theft and fraudulent transactions.
  3. Protects financial information stored in wallets, card cases, and card holders.
  4. Ensures peace of mind during travel, complying with Federal Government legislation such as WHTI, Real ID Act, and HSPD.
  5. Provides FIPS-201 approval, meeting rigorous security standards.

With the increasing use of contactless smart cards and EPC UHF Gen 2 ID cards, the risk of identity theft via RFID readers is higher than ever. Our RFID technology creates a secure barrier at both 13.56MHz and 860-980MHz frequencies, preventing the flow of RF energy between the reader and your smart card or RFID device.

With RFID Leather's RFID technology, you can confidently carry your essentials knowing that your privacy and security are safeguarded. Explore our collection today and experience the peace of mind that comes with superior protection.

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