OSTRICH Leather Belt Strap for LOUIS VUITTON Signature Buckle

OSTRICH Belt Strap for LOUIS VUITTON Signature Buckle
OSTRICH Belt Strap for LOUIS VUITTON Detachable Buckle
OSTRICH Belt Strap for LOUIS VUITTON Iconic Buckle
    OSTRICH Belt Strap for LOUIS VUITTON Signature Buckle
    OSTRICH Belt Strap for LOUIS VUITTON Detachable Buckle
    OSTRICH Belt Strap for LOUIS VUITTON Iconic Buckle

    Discover the epitome of elegance and lasting style with our OSTRICH Belt Strap, meticulously designed to fit all of your LOUIS VUITTON Detachable Buckles. Crafted from premium ostrich leather, this strap serves as a luxurious addition that enhances your outfit.

    Notable features:

    • Premium Ostrich Leather: Carefully selected for its durability and sophisticated texture.
    • Tailored Design: Precisely crafted to flawlessly match the Louis Vuitton Buckle Belt Kit, ensuring optimal versatility.
    • Elegance and Resilience: Seamlessly blending style with durability to complement diverse wardrobe choices.
    • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Meticulously handcrafted to meet the highest standards of quality and precision.
    • Customization Variety: Available in an array of colors and sizes to suit individual preferences.

    compatibile with: LV Signature, LV Initials, LV Iconic and all LV Buckles with pin.

    Product Customization

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    NOTE: When ordering a replacement belt strap, please ensure precision as an incorrect selection may result in your new strap not fitting your buckle! Belt Width <Hermès

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    Select the perfect hue for your leather to complement your individuality and add a unique flair to your leather products.

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    Belt Size

    Our collection of leather goods is exclusively crafted based on custom orders, meticulously tailored to your specific requirements.

    The indicated handcrafting time reflects the number of business days needed to create and dispatch your personalized bespoke leather item.

    Dimensions (cm)

    • Buckle Compatibility:Louis Vuitton Buckles
    • Gender:Unisex
    • Craftsmanship:100% Made in Italy
    • Leather Origin:Africa
    • Leather Type:Ostrich
    • Leather Color:Customer's Choice
    • Leather Tanning:Chrome-tanned with Vegetable Retanning
    • Belt Type:Single Side
    • Collection:Belt Strap for LV Buckles


    Indulge in Timeless Elegance

    Unveiling our exquisite Ostrich Leather Belt Strap meticulously crafted for the Louis Vuitton LV Buckle Belt Kit. Embrace opulence and sophistication with this accessory, meticulously handcrafted from genuine ostrich leather renowned for its unique texture and distinctive quill patterns. Every element of this strap exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship, establishing it as a definitive fashion statement in the realm of luxury accessories.

    Experience the allure of luxury and sophistication with our Ostrich Leather Belt Strap tailored for the Louis Vuitton LV Buckle Belt Kit. Elevate your style today!

    Louis Vuitton Ostrich leather Belt Strap

    Unparalleled Quality and Elegance

    Our ostrich leather strap epitomizes versatility and sophistication. Whether for formal occasions or casual gatherings, this strap seamlessly complements any attire, enhancing your style effortlessly.

    Each aspect is meticulously designed to ensure a perfect match with the iconic Louis Vuitton LV buckle, showcasing refined taste and elegance at every glance. With its enduring durability, this strap becomes a timeless addition to your collection, maintaining its allure for years to come.

    Our Belt Straps are Fully Compatible with:

      • LV Initiales: 30mm / 35mm / 40mm
      • LV Signature: 30mm / 35mm / 40mm
      • LV Pyramid: 40mm
      • LV Tilt: 40mm
      • Iconic LV Buckles: 30mm / 35mm / 40mm
      • Circle LV Buckles: 35mm / 40mm
      • LV Buckles with Pin: 20mm / 25mm / 30mm / 35mm / 40mm / 45mm
    • Exemplary Craftsmanship: Our ostrich leather strap is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring an impeccable fit and finish that seamlessly pairs with the iconic Louis Vuitton LV buckle, radiating sophistication in every aspect.
    • Adaptable Elegance: With its enduring design and opulent hues, this strap effortlessly transitions from formal affairs to relaxed settings, elevating any ensemble with a refined touch.
    • Unmatched Durability: The enduring quality of our ostrich leather ensures exceptional strength, offering a long-lasting accessory that retains its allure and charm over time.

    Hermes Belt Standards and Measures

    • Distance between holes: approx. 2.5cm (1")
    • Belt Tip shape: Tapered
    • Belt Tip Length: approx. 3.5cm (1.3/8")
    • Buckle Hole distance 20mm to 35mm LV Buckles: 3.5cm (1.2/8")
    • Buckle Hole distance 40mm/45mm LV Buckles: 4.5cm (1.3/4"), rare 3.5cm (1.2/8")

    front-end most common tip shape used in luxury belts:

    Identify H Belt Tip Shape

    How to Identify and Measure Your LV Buckle Size

      To determine the size of your LV Signature Buckle accurately, you have two simple methods:
    • Use a standard metric measuring tape calibrated in centimeters or millimeters. Measure the width of the back metal loop of your buckle.
    • Create a paper strip that matches the width of your belt straps. Gently slide the paper strip into the back metal loop of your buckle. If the paper strip fits perfectly, measure its width using a regular ruler.
    Identify LV Buckle Belt Size
    Measurements in MM and IN
    • 20MM or 0.78IN
    • 25MM or 0.98IN
    • 30MM or 1.20IN
    • 35MM or 1.40IN
    • 35MM or 1.60IN
    • 45MM or 1.77IN

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