Men's Snake Skin Travel Wallet and Executive Wallet

Men's Travel Snake Skin Wallet
Snakeskin Travel Wallet Interior Organization
Diamond Python Travel Long Wallet with 9ccard Pockets and Passport Holder
Travel Wallet made of Snake Skin Rock Python
    Men's Travel Snake Skin Wallet
    Snakeskin Travel Wallet Interior Organization
    Diamond Python Travel Long Wallet with 9ccard Pockets and Passport Holder
    Travel Wallet made of Snake Skin Rock Python

    Men's Travel Wallet made of Snake Skin (Python), fully customizable upon request, stitching color of your choice.
    Long & Travel Wallet "Phanes" is the perfect companion for your leisure travel or business trips, it features 1 zippered compartment for banknotes, 9 credit card pockets, 1 clearview ID pocket, 1 passport pocket, 1 open pocket for travel documents, 1 full-length extra pocket and lined with soft Italian lambskin.

    Product Customization

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    Stitching Color

    The color of the edge stitching can be a great accent to your belt color and buckle.

    Rarely do clients find the option to personalize the stitching color like at Cipriani Leather; and yet, such customization can truly differentiate your belt and match your personal style. With more than 20 different colors to choose from, many clients use this feature to give their belt a little pop of personality or to match the stitching with the color of their favorite shoes or other accessories.

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    Stitching Color
    • Tonal Stitching ( color matching )
    • Black

    Our leather goods are custom order only, they are handcrafted according to your specifications, the handrcrafting time show the business days for your bespoke leather good to be made and dispatched to you.

    List of Features

    Dimensions ( cm )

    • Gender:Man
    • Craftsmanship:100% Made in Italy
    • Leather Type:Snake Skin ( Python )
    • Leather Color:Customer's Choice
    • Leather Tanning:Chrome-tanned with Vegetable Retanning
    • Leather Finish:Matte
    • Wallet Type:Long
    • Product Name:Phanes

    In our exotic collection of genuine Python leather goods, each exotic article, like Cipriani Leather Long Executive Wallet, is meticulously crafted with precise attention to detail. The selection and preparation of hides are carried out with the utmost care, every Travel and Business Long Wallet is produced by hand in our Italian workshop with the savoir-faire passed down from generation to generation.

    Your Exotic Diamond Python Travel Wallet

     This beautifully handmade Travel Wallet in genuine python leather will protect your passport and documents in the most stylish manner and would make a great gift. It has 9 credit card slots, 1 boarding pass slot for your easy travel and many additional pockets. 

    Made-to-Order Snakeskin Rock Python Long Wallet

    • central lengthwise cut for a perfect Diamond Pattern
    • fully customizable upon request
    • stitching color : tonal or contrast stitching color
    • complementary embossed monogram
    Snakeskin Travel Wallet Diamond Python

    One of a Kind Snakeskin Leather Good

    Hand cut and Premium stitched Diamond Travel Wallet lined with Italian Soft Lambskin. A gorgeous interior organization for all your travel documents and cards.

    Casanova1948 exotic passport holder is built in protective shields for RFID devices/Cards, Stop Thieves from Obtaining Personal and account information; BE SAFE and PROTECTED Credit Cards, Debit Cards, ID Cards, from Electronic Pick pocketing, blocking all RFID scanners and readers.

    Diamond Python Travel and Long Wallet

    Diamond Python Travel Wallet

    Travel Wallet and Passport holder in central cut Python for a unique, perfect and inimitable pattern. Premium leather, matte shades, matching or contrasting stitching.

    Ident #: PHANES-14874-PY

    • features :
    • 1 International Passport Internal Pocket
    • 9 Credit Card Pockets
    • 1 Clearview ID Pocket
    • 1 Zippered Compartment for Banknotes
    • 1 Open Pocket for travel documents
    • 1 Full-length Extra Pocket
    Travel Wallet Layout

    Dimensions : 11 x 19 CM

    Python Front-Cut Diamond Patten

    the most known and sought after part of the snake, especially the rock python, as the plot is particularly exalted and sought after.

    • features :
    • prestigious leather
    • DIAMOND Pattern
    Rock Python Front-Cut Diamond Pattern

    Diamond Rock Python Leather

    Reticulated Python from Indonesia, also known as Diamond Python, which gets its name from its its distinguishing diamond skin pattern. This specific python’s crust (semi-finished leather, tanned, oiled and dried, and needing only finishing) is naturally charcoal and white in color ( which is also known as Rock ).

    Diamond Python is one of the most exclusive snakeskin available on the market, it is a farmed animal that requires a CITES certification, which ensures that the species is carefully preserved in the wild.

    Snakeskin Rock Python Leather

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