How to Measure your Belt Size

To get the best fit when buying a belt on-line, it is important to select the correct size based upon an accurate measurement. Your belt size is not the same as your pants or waist size. Because your belt goes around you and your pants, your tucked in shirt, and your underwear, your belt size is usually one or two inches larger than your pants or waist size.

Omar Vargas

How to Measure your Wrist Size

When shopping for an exotic bracelet or luxury bangle, Cipriani Atelier helps you identify the correct size according to the most recognized international standards.

Amar Amoretti

The Art of Leather Craftsmanship

With years of experience in the field, the craftsman understands the leather: he understands its beauty and imperfections. He understands how to handle it, mold it, work with it in order to create a true piece of art. In his small studio, surrounded by artistry, history, and tradition, the artist’s creativity abounds. For him the leather is not a material but a canvas upon which he diffuses a passion for fine, traditional craftsmanship.

Amar Amoretti
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